Happy Quilt=Happy Me!

A few blogs have posted about this amazing fabric store: Happy Quilt  but I thought I would share my experience with you!

I had known before coming to South Korea that many designers have their fabrics made here.  I found Happy Quilt’s stall in Dongdaemun market a few months back with the help of another foreigner in search of the stall. The stall is great and has a wide array of different fabrics by multiple designers.  However, knowing that there was a ENTIRE store offering meters of fabric for $3-5, I HAD to find it!

My parents were visiting from Canada and my mom, being the fabric enthusiast that she is, also wanted to check out the Happy Quilt store.  We woke up early on Friday morning to venture out to Happy Quilt.  I had been under the assumption that it was only accessible by car or bus-wrong! We got on the subway on Line 1 (dark blue) at Seoul Station.  We took the (long!) ride to Jije Station. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a long trip.  It is 30 stops and it took about an hour and a half.  The ride was relaxing but Jije is far removed from the downtown area of Seoul.  Expect to pass farmland, factories and for the train to be relatively empty.

We finally arrived at Jije Station! There is an E-Mart across the street from the station where we went to get some food to fuel our adventure. And then we were off to our highly anticipated trip to Happy Quilt! To get to Happy Quilt you have to walk over the large bridge next to the subway station.  This  blog has GREAT directions on how to get to Happy Quilt once you exit the station.  Without her fabulous pictures and descriptions, we would have been lost and confused!




The middle picture shows the bridge we had just walked over on the left and Jije Station of the right. Once you walk over the bridge that are many signs to direct you which way to go.


This really is a paradise for anyone interested in sewing, quilting or crafting.  They have endless bolts of fabric and notions.

They have every type of fabric: baby, kids, sports teams, animals, chevron, polka dots, solids, kawaii, stripes, florals, pre-quilted fabrics, the largest collection of flannels I’ve ever seen, even Batman fabric for my husband (not sure what I’m making with that one!).

You can buy the fabrics off the bolt and they range from 3,000-4,500W (about $3-4.50) per meter.  That’s 75% less than what we pay back in Canada! They also have a large selection of pre-cut fabric in plastic wrapping for the same price.  They also have a wide selection of fat quarters. Some of the fabric designers include WestminsterRiley Blake and Vera Bradley among others.  They also have zippers, purse handles, coin purse frames, zippers, thread, scissors, pins…the list goes on.  If you haven’t figured it out already, they have almost everything!

I bought fabric to make three baby quilts (everyone seems to be expecting a baby these days!), a chevron quilt for nobody in particular, an adorable hexagon pillow and this skirt.  Of course I bought a lot more fabric than what’s required for these projects, but who can resist?


You’ll need to bring cash with you and I would recommend bringing some bags since the black plastic ones we brought weren’t designed to carry as much fabric as we bought.  Give yourself a lot of time (it takes a long time to make so many important decisions!) and go there with a plan of what you need to buy.  As it was I still forgot a few things, it can be overwhelming!

IMG_0418Happy to be at Happy Quilt!

We settle back into our hotel for the night but I couldn’t resist surrounding myself with all the glorious fabric I had bought. Although once it was spread out it didn’t seem like it was enough…do I sound crazy yet? I have big plans for all of it and I can’t wait to get started!


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