Using a Zipper Foot

In a previous post I had written about how I have never used a zipper foot while making zippered bags. I make A LOT of zippered bags. Which is why it’s so frustrating that I didn’t start using a zipper foot sooner! I always felt they were confusing and cumbersome.  After using one to make […]

Happy Quilt=Happy Me!

A few blogs have posted about this amazing fabric store: Happy Quilt  but I thought I would share my experience with you! I had known before coming to South Korea that many designers have their fabrics made here.  I found Happy Quilt’s stall in Dongdaemun market a few months back with the help of another foreigner […]

Dongdaemun Market Happy Quilt

A few months ago, I went to Seoul with some friends.  I want to head to Dongdaemun Market in search of what else…fabric! I have accumulated a hoard of fabric while living here in South Korea, but I still need more!  Last time I went to Dongdaemun Market I wasn’t sure where to go and I went […]