Fabric Bunting


This bunting was made for my friend Firyal’s wedding decor.  I chose  peach, pink and yellow colours to match her “vintage” theme 🙂  I had no idea what bunting was until she introduced me to it but now I see it everywhere! There are an endless number of pins on Pinterest showing different ways to use bunting. I’ve had requests to make bunting for a wedding shower, a picnic and for a baby’s nursery. I decided to make a tutorial to show everyone how EASY it is to make.

I made it using this cute trio of fabrics I had ordered online.  I love hot air balloons–too cute! I wasn’t making it for anyone in particular and in an odd coincidence I had a friend contact me to see if I could make her one! This one will be shipped out to my friend Janet tomorrow so she can use it to decorate  her adorable baby boy’s room! If you needed any more inspiration on how to use bunting, check out what Janet plans to use it for here!

For this project you will need:

a sewing machine

piece of cardboard (to make the triangle template-I used an old cereal box)


pencil (chalk pencil preferably)

a fat quarter of 3 coordinating fabrics

pinking shears

3 yards of coordinating bias tape

Step 1) Make your triangle template 

I made my template from an piece of cardboard from an empty cereal box.  Cut out the desired shape of your template. I chose to make my triangle 5 1/2″ across the base and 8″ tall.  Feel free to adjust the size if you want your flags to be a different size.  I’ve seen rectangle flags and scalloped flags…both are very cute!


Variations to this project are very easy.  You could change the shape of the flags, the number of flags, you could use iron on adhesive to include a name or a message.  A friend of mine told me about her sister who made her bunting double sided to use for 2 different occasions…the options are endless!

Step 2) Cut out your fabrics

This bunting will be double sided. Fold your fabric in half, wrong sides together.   You will cut the front and back of each triangle at the same time. You need to cut them at the same time because if you use pinking shears and cut them separately, the tiny triangles the pinking shears make…will never line up!

Place the template on your fabric and trace the shape with a pencil.  Using your pinking shears, cut the fabric out (cut just inside the pencil marks, you don’t want them to show in the final project).

If you are using a directional print (like the hot air balloon fabric below) make sure that the template is centered.  You also want to be mindful that the directional print is not upside down for the front or back of the triangle.


For non directional prints it is a lot easier and a lot less fabric is wasted since you don’t have to worry about the print being upside down.


You will need to cut out 9 triangles (18 total pieces sandwiched together, right sides out).

I like to make anywhere from 9-12 triangles. It’s all in your preference and how much fabric you have on hand.

Step 3) Sew the triangles

Sew each triangle sandwich together.  You want to sew down one side and up the other (the long sides) using a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Don’t worry about sewing the base of the triangle, you’ll do that later.   Repeat until all 9 flags are sewn together.

Step 4) Attach the triangles to the bias tape

You’re almost done!  Fold over the end of the bias tape 1/4″ and sew to create a finished end. Open up the bias tape.  14 ” from the finished edge, place the base of your first triangle.  Fold the bias tape over and pin in place.  Continue to do this, alternating the fabrics.  My flags are approximately 3″ apart from each other.


When you are finished pinning all 9 flags, sew (using a zigzag stitch) along the middle of the bias tape to attach the triangles.


Cut the bias tape 14 1/4″ from the last triangle.  Fold the end over 1/4″ and sew in place.  That’s it, you’re finished! Easy, right?!

Here’s some pictures of the finished product:


Please feel free to use my tutorial to make your own bunting for your own personal use only :) If you have used my tutorial to make your own bunting I’d love to see pictures or leave me a comment! I do not stock in my Etsy shop but I am always willing to make custom orders. If you are interested, contact me here.


One thought on “Fabric Bunting

  1. This bunting (made by Amanda) is SUPER cute!!!! I want to use it as a tee pee topper, but until I am crafty enough to make one and until my baby is old enough to appreciate it, I have put it up in the nursery! He likes to look at it and it gives the room a fun spin! Thanks Amanda! This is a fantastic baby gift! It’s not a traditional baby gift, which is what makes it so great. I dare someone to give this as a gift and not receive some fantastic feedback. It’s gauranteed to be used! Great tutorial Amanda and fabulous looking results:)

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